Wild Game Processing - Ground VenisonWe Process Most Every Wild Game Around

Boars, bears, moose — oh my! You bag it. We’ll process it for you.

Professional processing ensures the most out of your harvest. Choose Bunzel’s to process your deer or big game animal – Bison, Elk, Wild Boar, Caribou, Black Bear. Sports fishermen… We can even smoke your fish.

Our processing includes skinning, cutting to your specifications, grinding of the trimmings, and wrapping in freezer wrap. Download our flyer for all the details.

Pork and beef trimmings can be added to your ground venison for an extra flavorful treat. If you plan to make your own sausage, ask about our casings and special seasonings.

Bunzel’s wild game processing occurs at our dedicated location: 7828 W. Burleigh St., Milwaukee, WI 53222 (414-444-0105) – just a few blocks east of the store.

All animals must be field dressed and registered. Remember to prevent spoilage and to maintain meat quality, proper field dressing and quick refrigeration are imperative. The Wisconsin DNR has a handy pocket guide on food safety and field dressing.

There are required documents for hunting and trapping in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin DNR offers an easy snapshot by species of what type of license is necessary, and any stamps, permits, and tags that are required.